How to build South America
With this Youtube series for the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, we take an authentic look behind the scenes of their next big adventure. Together with a model building family in Argentina, they are building 400sqm of miniature South America, which will then travel over the Atlantic from Buenos Aires to Hamburg.
We are constantly shooting on location, which gives us the opportunity to be close to these very unique protagonists. Only this way we are able to tell this exciting story and at the same time show in detail how everything is made.
The series has generated almost half a million views on Youtube, which are not just impressions but a lot of viewers who watch all the way through. They engaged in commenting and sharing thousands of times.
This is only possible by telling the story how it happens, with all it's flaws and setbacks but also successes and an insane love for details.
Edited by
Catalina Gonzales