Every Idea has a story
Great ideas and innovations often need as much explanation as they are important. Well, that’s expected, since these things are by design new and different to what we know. While getting all this information across is vital to the project’s success, it can be overwhelming at first.
Your Story needs to be told
GRANARTE Video boils down the amount of information to what is necessary to get the basic idea. In our content we focus on truthful storytelling and authentic insight, because we think these things compose the most believable videos. True stories of real people speak to your audience with emotions and information.
Made by professional filmmakers
We achieve all of this by combining decades of experience in documentary film making and animation with our comprehensive knowledge of storytelling. Also we have a wide understanding of all the technical requirements to have these stories told in the form of high quality video content.
So, how does this look like?
We create unique documentary style videos and animations, wich generate ten thousands of views on social media platforms like Youtube. An authentic, one of a kind image film might fit you, an honest youtube series about your employees or a custom explainer video. And when it comes to mixing those up, that’s when we really get excited.